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November 16, 2021


For over 50 years as a private dentist in Nottingham, Hilton Dental Clinic has been caring for patients. We treat all of our patients as individuals, tailoring the treatment plans to meet their specific needs. We can treat the whole family, and with a wide variety of treatments available, we have the latest technology and treatments available for your dental needs. What’s more, we also have a range of facial aesthetic treatments to rejuvenate your face and make your smile shine.

It may sound strange that a private dentist in Nottingham provides facial aesthetic treatments; however, our dentists are well-trained in facial anatomy and are quite used to carrying out delicate and precise work. This means they are highly capable of performing facial aesthetics treatments. By visiting Hilton Dental Clinic, you would be excited to see what we can do! Check out our cosmetic treatments for your pearly whites!

Cosmetic treatments

For patients seeking lighter and brighter teeth, we offer teeth whitening. This process is simple: we get trays custom-made for your teeth so that they fit your mouth comfortably. Using the Pola Advanced Whitening system, we will ask you to wear your trays at home during the night or for certain periods during the day. You will need to fill the trays with Pola’s whitening agent, and it is effective for helping to improve the appearance of your teeth that have become discoloured through smoking or drinking caffeine or red wine.

You only have to wear these trays for a couple of weeks, and you should find that your smile is lighter and brighter by the end of this time. Having lighter and brighter teeth can allow you to smile more confidently and stop you from feeling self-conscious or concerned about the appearance of your teeth.

Another treatment we offer is white fillings and inlays and onlays. Whilst these may sound familiar, you may not be familiar with how grateful patients are to have their teeth restored in a way that is unnoticeable to other people. White fillings stop tooth decay and complement the colour of your teeth, unlike silver amalgam fillings. They can stop your teeth from hurting by filling in the holes caused by the acid attack they have undergone.

Inlays and onlays are used for more serious cases of decay. They are especially useful for rear teeth that have experienced significant damage. They are made from different materials such as metal and ceramics; however, porcelain is becoming the material of choice! Onlays are more suited for larger cavities. Once the treatment is completed, they will be undetectable by other people. Magic!

What to do next

To find out more about any of our treatments, you just need to contact our friendly team to book in for an initial consultation. Whether you have one issue or twenty, our private dentist in Nottingham is here to talk you through the options, examine you and ensure that you are happy with the treatment plan that is devised. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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