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September 21, 2021


More than fifty years of dental service to the community has allowed Hilton Dental Clinic to offer a comprehensive range of treatment. You have let us know over the years what you expect from a private dentist in Nottingham and we have responded. Our primary service is to promote and provide long-term dental care. In line with this objective we offer children free dentistry right up to the age of eighteen. Our ambition is to educate our patients from an early age about the importance of proper regular dental care. By encouraging you to bring your children in from as early an age as possible, we aim to make regular visits to the dental surgery a routine and stress-free natural event.

Building relationships

Of course being well established within the community is invaluable and we want to continually build on that personal link by always providing personalised care. Your dental wellbeing is our principal motivation for striving to always improve through training and updating equipment. The result of building these relationships is that we can be more candid with you when explaining a condition, cause or treatment. You can also be more relaxed discussing any fears you may have about a particular procedure.

Wide range of treatments

Dentists have a thorough knowledge of not only teeth, gums and jawbones, but also muscles and bones of the head and neck. In addition they have comprehensive knowledge of the tongue, salivary glands and the nervous system of the neck and head, as well as other areas. As a private dentist in Nottingham this knowledge and training has allowed us to expand our treatments. Preventive dentistry and dental hygiene remain our main focus, but we also have the facility to offer dental implants for single tooth replacement, multiple teeth replacement or for full sets of teeth. Using the latest technology we are able to offer permanent alternatives to bridges and dentures. Dental implants offer a permanent, natural-looking alternative with a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Our cosmetic dentistry range has also been enlarged and we now offer you teeth whitening, white fillings and porcelain veneers especially for chipped teeth. Inlays and onlays can often be an alternative way to repair decayed or damaged teeth. Our private dentist in Nottingham is used to operating in sterile conditions and administering injections routinely with anaesthetic. This, together with a complete knowledge and understanding of the maxillofacial region, makes it common sense to extend this facility to incorporate facial aesthetics. We can now offer our patients anti-wrinkle treatment, lip and cheek fillers and facial slimming treatments. Neck lift treatment is another area that we have been looking to introduce and we hope to have this available shortly.

Your dentist listening to you

Hilton Dental Clinic is a community dentist responding to the needs of our patients and as a result we are constantly striving to improve our service. Dental care will always be our primary service, but we also realise that as technology improves, your requirements change. The advent of the smartphone has seen a significant increase in requests for more cosmetic treatments. You now want to send your smiling selfies all around the world to your friends and family. We have listened to you and have responded by expanding our treatments.

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