A guide to root canal treatments from our dentist

December 12, 2022


Many people have heard of root canals, and unfortunately many people shudder when they do, as this exceedingly straightforward and tooth-saving dental treatment has an extremely bad name. Many people assume that once they have had a root canal performed, their teeth will turn black, or their teeth will become brittle. But it is well worth noting the truth behind the root canal procedure if it is suggested to you as a treatment.At the Hilton Dental Clinic, our dentist West Bridgford has the expertise to make any root canal treatment that you need comfortable, short and long-lasting.And with that in mind, here is our dentist West Bridgford guide to root canals.Why would a root canal be needed?Our dentist West Bridgford would likely need to perform a root canal if there is an infection underneath the tooth within the pulp. This can occur due to extensive decay or may be the result of your tooth being fractured or broken.To assess your suitability for a root canal, we will need to take an X-ray of the area to see where any abscesses are located in the mouth.The treatmentA root canal sounds scarier than it actually is, we promise! Our team will simply numb the site around the tooth and then begin gently drilling downwards to directly access the pulp.Once the hole is drilled, we will then begin using specialised brushes to remove the infected debris from around the pulp. Once the tooth is completely clean, we rinse it with an antiseptic wash and then begin packing it with a rubber-based product. This will prevent bacteria from getting access in the future. The tooth is then topped with either a filling or a crown, and the treatment is complete!AftercareAfter you have had your root canal performed, the area surrounding the tooth and directly underneath it may feel a bit sensitive. This is normal and should gradually fade in a few days. If you notice that the sensation around your tooth is getting worse or you feel there is another issue relating to the root canal, you need to contact our team as soon as possible so we can perform diagnostics and determine if there is an issue or not.On a cosmetic note, if you want to have teeth whitening after having a root canal, it is advised that you wait for at least a month, as the area needs time to heal.LongevityAs the root canal is underneath the tooth, there is very rarely an issue with longevity.Provided that the tooth is maintained, a root canal should easily last for the rest of your life without reinfection occurring.Potential issuesProvided that the tooth that the root canal is under is maintained with regular dental visits, it is just as possible to maintain a healthy tooth after having a root canal as with any dentition.It is possible that during the X-ray phase before the root canal is performed, our team may discover that the root system underneath the tooth is exceedingly complicated, which can make the chances of a successful root canal less likely.

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