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What is the role played by our dentist in detecting tooth decay?

Updated: Jun 14

Losing adult teeth to decay is an unfortunate occurrence, but it must be noted that this is always preventable provided a patient takes the necessary steps and seeks appropriate care at the hands of a competent professional dentist in Nottingham. Here at Hilton Dental Clinic we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional dental care along the lines of a patient-centred approach. We believe the reason for our high number of patient referrals is due to our continued striving towards achieving customer service excellence.

It is our view that in building long standing, quality relationships with our patients we can help inspire them to achieve optimal oral health that will serve them for life. We have found that a patient is more likely to remain with a dentist in Nottingham who is not only qualified and experienced, but has the sought after traits such as compassion, patience and approachableness.

Why is dental decay detection important?

Tooth decay has far reaching repercussions that extend to reducing the quality of life a patient experiences. Losing one adult tooth may seem a matter of very little concern, but patients should not be taken in by this flawed perception. Down the line, a single lost adult tooth can set the stage for more worrying developments such as teeth on opposite sides of the gap moving out of position, challenges in masticatory (biting and chewing) function, speech impediments, and one of the most significant to patients – an unattractive smile. Seen in this light, the potential of tooth decay has a long reach, exposing a patient to dental disease, threats to physical health and creating psychosocial challenges caused by lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

There are some red flags that may alert a patient to the fact that the health of their teeth is at risk, however, in many instances, a suitably qualified dentist in Nottingham is required to diagnose the extent of the condition. This is because dental decay is not always visible to the naked eye, purposefully-designed dental tools are required to provide a more in-depth look below the gum line and deeper into hidden tooth structures.

At our dental clinic we make use of advanced magnification techniques and powerful lighting equipment to enable our dentist Nottingham to identify the condition in its early stages which is the best time to implement preventive measures to restore teeth to full health. Dental conditions like cavities in the early stages are easier, quicker and relatively less expensive to treat.

There are many techniques available to a dental practitioner with which to effectively treat a patient suffering from signs of tooth decay:

  • tooth fillings

  • X-ray technology that measures tooth density

  • professional in-chair deep cleanings.

Patients should not forget that it is not only the professional capabilities of a dentist on which their oral health depends, but also on their own dedicated oral hygiene practices at home that are important.

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